Generative AI Product Tracker

By | June 20, 2024
AI generated network
Portion of an image created by Dall-E-3 through Copilot with prompt containing “Generative AI Product Tracker”

There is a lot of AI talks everywhere. At UW-Madison we are having a discussion on the topic “Teaching with AI” as the book support for 3 sessions “Summer Book Club.” Someone provided the link for this web site “Generative AI Product Tracker” which is used to track all current AI. It seems a good thing to share this as it is becoming difficult to know “what AI is out there” or “what AI is available” – at least perhaps until the November 2024 when Apple will release it’s integrated “Apple Intelligence“.

The “Generative AI Product Tracker” front page is a front-end to a Google Doc Sheet embedded on the page.

The Zoom book club sessions are not recorded for privacy, but one of the 2 authors (Jose Bowen) was on guest of a podcast titled “Teaching with AI” on “Teaching in Higher Ed“.

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