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  • : mini-AI engines without codingAI is at the forefront of Society changes. We are at the dawn of a new world. Let’s hope that it will NOT be a “Brave New World”. Today I discovered (through a […]

  • AI chat models at the command line – continuedAs described in the previous blog titled AI chat models at the command line I have implemented the procedure that was used for the 7B LLMA to that of the 65B […]

  • Generative AI in Jupyter lab Yesterday I mentioned 2 options to add a generative AI to the command-line (AI chat models at the command line) one of which is useful (gorilla_cli) while the […]

  • Jean-Yves Sgro wrote a new post 2 months ago

    AI chat models at the command lineToday I discovered 2 AI methods to get AI prompts at the command line. Gorilla_CLI The first one is rather straight forward, and is called […]

    • Yes, we all are busy downloading those models now )))
      As predicted, the prices for the respective high-performing hardware went up again.
      The H100 card, that was selling for $30K (that was a shocker for a long time) now sells for $45K, and one may ask themselves: “why did not I save $15,000.00 by buying this a couple of months ago?!”

  • OpenAI Plays Hide and Seek…and Breaks The GameI found this video embedded in this article “How I Stay Up to Date With the Latest AI Trends as a Full-Time Data Scientist” (No, I don’t just ask ChatGPT to t […]

  • The title is interesting… and there is a lot more in the SOURCE on GitHub


    Installation instructions are included.

    I saw this R material on LinkedIn […]

  • Best visualization for your data This post on LinkedIn shares the web site that helps find the best visualization depending on the data itself. It is based on the number of […]

  • Jean-Yves Sgro wrote a new post 6 months ago

    This is a cool “App” written with Python Streamlit: upload a PDF and ask questions about it!

    It uses ChatGPT in the background. This “proof of concept” app has some “Community token” to access GPT. Or one can […]

  • Jean-Yves Sgro wrote a new post 6 months ago

    Jupiter landscape from Pixabay ChristianBodhi.

    Jupytext can save and reformat Jupyter notebooks

    I was trying to test a Jupyter notebook from NCBI titled “Getting Started with NCBI Data in Python” (March 2, […]

  • See

    Image credit: by Computerizer on Pixabay

    Bill Gates: “In my lifetime, I’ve seen two demonstrations of technology that struck me as r […]

  • See

    Here is a nice cartoon that simplifies the problem…the “loop” is complete!

    There are cool cartoons but need license… hence not posted […]

  • This YouTube channel: @SonhoscomDimensao is just amazing and full of examples!

    Perfect optical illusions that fool the eyes.

    There are many many more fun other ones to watch!

    The video below shows many in one movie.

  • This BBC presentation made in partnership with the (British) Royal Society

    provides insights on 6 History-changing scientific illustrations, from the XIX to the XXIrst centuries.

    First Pie Chart by Scottish […]

  • Jean-Yves Sgro wrote a new post 7 months ago

    This is the title of an article in “The New Yorker” with the same title: What a Sixty-Five-Year-Old Book Teaches Us About A.I. [Archived] By David Owen, February 25, 2023.

    I liked the image too:

    ChatGPT […]

  • Jean-Yves Sgro wrote a new post 7 months ago

    Here are some videos I found very useful to dive into using ChatGPT efficiently.

    Beginners start here

    ChatGPT Tutorial – A Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners:

    Advanced Prompts

    Using better prompt […]

  • Jean-Yves Sgro wrote a new post 7 months ago

    Each study in science forms a network that connects earlier and later papers. Researchers have examined Nature’s portion of that network. The video examines their findings while being guided through 150 years of […]

  • Here are some AI Tools lists gathers along by reading posts on LinkedIn.

    From: Zain Kahn © @heykahn

    Try these Al tools to save 100+ hours every month: (LinkedIn Post)

    Presentations -> SlidesAi.ioWriting […]

  • There was a UW-Madison Campus discussion on ChatGPT.

    The summary is located within a Google Doc:

    Feb 24, 2023 Members+ Event: A Campus Conversation on Chat GPT in Teaching and Learning

    (Short URL: […]

  • Open AI ( Playground is a place to experiment new features. It is still in “Beta” and offers previews of what might be coming in ChatGPT, as detailed in the following YouTube video […]

  • There are concerns about classroom use of AI generated essays. See for example: “A Toolkit for Addressing AI Plagiarism in the Classroom” [Archived]. was created by education technology […]

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