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Classic Operating Systems That Run in Web Browser

Finding some old floppy disks I wondered how I could read them. Assuming that I have a floppy reader, how could I then open some of the old file formats? A quick search led me first to the “Mini vMac” site but this option only emulates very old Macs and has the complication that one… Read More »

Single-cell multi-omics using generative AI

Generative pre-trained models are becoming more common by the day, and such methods have now been applied to single cell sequencing, and multi-omits in general. Two main players are “scBERT” and “scGPT”: scGPT: Towards Building a Foundation Model for Single-Cell Multi-omics Using Generative AIHaotian Cui, Chloe Wang, Hassaan Maan, Bo Wang – Nature Methods doi: 10.1038/s41592-024-02201-0 CODE: scBERT as a large-scale pretrained deep language… Read More »