Monthly Archives: March 2023

A question-answering system for PDF files

This is a cool “App” written with Python Streamlit: upload a PDF and ask questions about it! It uses ChatGPT in the background. This “proof of concept” app has some “Community token” to access GPT. Or one can add a personal OpenAI API key. Web App: Code: Found on LinkedIn: streamlit_python-code-pdf (probably requires… Read More »

The Age of AI has begun

See Bill Gates: “In my lifetime, I’ve seen two demonstrations of technology that struck me as revolutionary.” GPT is “the most important advance in technology since the graphical user interface”. AI is as big as the GUI…and bigger than the web. Bigger than Bitcoin. Bigger than Facebook. Bigger than smartphones. And VR/AR. And the… Read More »

AI and AI loop

See Here is a nice cartoon that simplifies the problem…the “loop” is complete! There are cool cartoons but need license… hence not posted here… Just go to link above.

Amazing 3D tricks perspectives

This YouTube channel: @SonhoscomDimensao is just amazing and full of examples! Perfect optical illusions that fool the eyes. There are many many more fun other ones to watch! The video below shows many in one movie.

6 charts that changed the world

This BBC presentation made in partnership with the (British) Royal Society provides insights on 6 History-changing scientific illustrations, from the XIX to the XXIrst centuries. First Pie Chart by Scottish political economist William Playfair Surgeon John Snow map pointing out the Cholera infection in SoHo, London, 1854 Florence Nightingale created the “Coxcomb” uneven pie… Read More »