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By | May 19, 2017

What software one uses may be the result of colleague recommendations, using “what others use in the lab,” or haphazardly found options online.

Or perhaps it is time to “upgrade” a commercial package and the steep price makes you think twice…

The crowdsources software recommendation web site does just that… just enter the name of the software or app to replace. If alternates exist they will be listed with information on platform (Mac/iPad/iPhone/Windows/Linux and more) and a link to the official web site.

PRO: works for more than Omics software, for example finding alternatives to Microsoft Desktop Publisher…

CON: Price is not indicated on the list, one has to go to the official link to find out.  is crowdsourced and there are commercial ads on the side.

It can be interesting to see what comes up for some names, such as “bowtie” which is also the name of an app to control music.

This is most useful for finding alternate options to commercial packages, for example DNASTAR “Lasergene” providing useful alternates….

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