Monthly Archives: March 2022

Nostalgic PAINT app

In 1984 the Macintosh arrived with the amazing MacWrite and MacPaint programs. But at that time it was all in black and white. Later, Windows also had a Paint program. If you feel nostalgic about these programs, there is a (color) version Microsoft Paint online:

semester-biology informatics courses

Just found this interesting set of  “semester-biology ” (bio)informatics courses, from the original data carpentry site: Web rendered: GitHub: Derived works: Data Science for Biologists at Virginia Commonwealth University Data Science for Agriculture at Oklahoma State University Data Visualization for Plant Pathologists at the University of Florida Data Science for SAFS at the University of… Read More »

Computing residues per turn in an alpha helix

Last month I wrote a blog on my Biochemistry Blog about computing the number of residues within an alpha helix. This was in relation to a project concerning predicting a “coiled-coil” structure. It was more complicated than I thought. The link to the original article is here: Computing residues per turn in an alpha helix… Read More »