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By | May 3, 2017


Finding software that is relevant to any biological analysis can be inspired by reading a paper or perhaps searching within Google.

The web site contains 16,971 software (omic) tools that are organized in categories shown on the home page. Checking a bit further one can find interesting entries such as:

High-throughput sequencing data analysis…

Workflow/pipeline software tools | Whole-genome…

Whole-genome sequencing data analysis bioinformatics…

Within these categories are specific types of analysis, for example RNA-Seq that currently lists 1200 tools: RNA sequencing data analysis bioinformatics software…

The web pages offer a download link specifying Desktop, web, virtual, DockerCloud, Dataset as the type of file. However, many “Deskop” software can in fact be compatible with a large Linux installation.

This repository should be useful to any researcher trying to find software not only for Next Gen. Sequencing but for most “biological data” analysis.

Jean-Yves Sgro

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

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2 thoughts on “ Search engine for biological data analysis

  1. Oleg Moskvin

    Thank you, that’s a well-organized and handy tool. I like the idea of a “3-dimensional” classification by Technology / Interpretation / Topic

  2. Yury Bukhman

    Thanks, Jean-Yves! This looks very useful to me. I am looking for QC tools for shotgun metagenomics in particular. Several are listed, along with a review paper.

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