Computing residues per turn in an alpha helix

By | March 4, 2022
contact in coiled coil helices

ChimeraX rendering of PDB 3TNU. Coiled coil contacts side chains are shown as sticks.

Last month I wrote a blog on my Biochemistry Blog about computing the number of residues within an alpha helix. This was in relation to a project concerning predicting a “coiled-coil” structure. It was more complicated than I thought.

The link to the original article is here:

Computing residues per turn in an alpha helix

Of interest in that I created a Docker container to run a software that while available on-line is only on a single server in India and does not always work, or times out.

The Docker image which is available on Docker hub as: helanal-ub20. More details are in the original post on how to create HELIX records for a PDB file, most easily with UCSF Chimera.

Other useful software links are provided in the original blog post for helping in the prediction of coiled-coil, in both sequence (Waggawagga) and structure or to build models (Helanal PlusCCBuilder 2.0CCCP, Socket2)

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