Check shortened links for safety

By | October 12, 2022

Source: Five ways to check shortened links for safety

Before you visit a shortened URL, be sure the destination website is secure and appropriate.

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Image Credit: anujohann / Pixabay

Shortening a URL has its utilities, especially if it needs to be typed on the keyboard. However, the short link obscures the final destination which might compromise safety.

Here is a summary of the services explored in the blog are. See original link for more and illustrations.

  • Twitter: Twitter will warn you against potential harm by proofing the short URL for malicious content.
  • Bitly: Adding a + sign at the end of the URL will reveal the encoded long URL. The user can then decide to proceed.
  • TinyURL. Add the word preview before the word “tinyurl”
  • CheckShortURL: CheckShortURL supports most of the popular link shortening services. Input a shortened link into their search box, then click the Expand button to reveal the long URL.
  • Unshorten.It. Enter the short URL in a box and click “Unshorten.It!” button to reveal the long URL as well as safety rating.

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