1985 computing in action

By | November 11, 2022

This YouTube video from the BBC Archive channel gives a glimpse of computing in 1995 when the DIGITAL VT100 terminal was king!

Description based on info on YouTube: At the Boston software company Infocom, Fred Harris gets behind the scenes. The developer has had considerable success with its series of text-based adventure games, including The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Planetfall, Enchanter, and Zork, which forgo visuals in favor of a plain text display and arcade gameplay in favor of what the business refers to as “interactive storytelling.”

A brand-new game named Spellbreaker is now being polished by game creator Dave Liebling, one of Infocom’s founding founders.
He describes the steps that are taken to create an excellent text-adventure game.

This excerpt is from the 29 November 1985 broadcast of Micro Live.

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