Generative AI in Jupyter lab

By | August 3, 2023

Yesterday I mentioned 2 options to add a generative AI to the command-line (AI chat models at the command line) one of which is useful (gorilla_cli) while the other is more informative on how to implement a Large Language Model (LLM) on a computer. Both are free options.

Yesterday I also discovered this Blog: Generative AI in Jupyter which is a description of the brand new implementation of AI within Jupyter notebooks.

Jupyternaut icon

The AI entity is named “Jupyternaut” and can be powered by a long series of APIs (Application Programming Interface) for LLMs from external providers, all of which require a paid subscription. However, the LangChain interface should be able to let user access their own local models (in fact this is why and how I found the LLM yesterday!)

As as exercise I was able to implement Jupyter AI from the information both on this Blog but also from the GitHub repository and also the at documentation.

It seems like a cool thing to do, but only with a paid API which is implemented as a API_KEY

I might go back to this if I can get a local LLM to work, for example replacing the LLAMA7B version with the LLAMA65B version mentioned in the previous post

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