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    Oleg Moskvin

    Hello all,

    The fighting with 500+ available plugins to the ByddyPress / WordPress social platform is going forward. Despite a priori perceived “unlimited possibilities”, in fact, “you cannot have it all”, so the main update fields in the group feed is left without Rich Text formatting, and all the “serious” pages need to be posted either here, to the Forum section, which actually has its advantages; strict structure (facilitating navigation) and formatting options. Links to new forum topics may be posted to the group feed section (which is an analog of a “light chat” in the offline word, where emotions etc. are appropriate and technically incorporated, and long texts / advanced formatting are not expected. Welcome!


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    Oleg Moskvin

    Currently, we have 3 parallel platforms on the site operating from the front end:

    Collaborative Wiki


    Activity stream

    From top to bottom, the purpose shifts from more “static” and “serious” to more dynamic and interactive. At the bottom level, there is no more rich text formatting (for fast twitter-like or facebook-like updates). Those brief updates may be added to the stream that shows activity in other channels as well.


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    Oleg Moskvin

    After analysis of what users actually tend to use and in order to de-clutter the interface, the “Collaborative Wiki” has been removed (it was not sufficiently customizable to add any functionality that is beyond what we already have in forums)

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