Docker tutorials for Biologists

By | December 10, 2019


I have started a series of tutorials that I am writing from the perspective of a biologist wanting to use a Docker container for a specific application.

An easy example could be using EMBOSS, the molecular biology open suite for analysis.

The tutorials are online at the Biochemistry department here:

I also add useful add-ons or summaries on the Blog section

This is meant for beginners. However, some rudimentary understanding of command line is necessary. For this I created various tutorials, also on the Biochemistry web site.

For those that want to dive directly into Docker the following minimal tutorial would be helpful:

A set of 2 tutorials suitable for beginners but in more details are also available:

Docker can be extremely useful for biologists if you can manage to surpass the geeky barriers of command line!

Read the short story how Docker “saved the day” for a Nature paper!

Good luck with Docker!

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