Effective and Engaging Scientific Communication Practices

By | June 14, 2022

The power of Story telling

Scientists often are so deep into their work that they forget to announce the importance of their discovery or their current research to the World!

This new (Zoom) online course is meant to help scientists better communicate: 2022 Summer Zoom Course. Here is the content of the course announcement:

Effective and Engaging Scientific Communication Practices

Scientists’ ability to secure funding, work with collaborators, influence policy and educate both their peers and the public depends on their ability to communicate their work in ways that are both effective and engaging. This short course teaches two powerful tools that will help them do that. The first, Storyform, is a method that uses the principles of story to design engaging presentations. The second, integrated visualization, employs artist’s techniques to increase audience understanding. Course participants learn these tools by using them in the creation of three research communication products: a 3-min lightening talk, an infographic, and a 10-min talk with slides.

The course is delivered through on Zoom via short lectures, large group discussions, and small group breakout sessions for presentation and critique. Topics for each of the 6 weeks are shown below; each session will run approximately 3 hours. Instructors will also be available to participants via email during the course.

The 2022 Summer Course will take place at 1-4pm from July 6th – August 10th, 2022.

Course summary

Week 1 3-min talk – 1-4pm, July 6thCreating a 3-min talk using Storyform practice and critique using the rubric in small groups

Week 23-min talk Feedback – 1-4pm, July 13th (optional second session time to be determined by class participants, July 15th)Participants give their 3-min presentations and get feedback from large group*

Week 3Principles of visualizing data – Infographic – 1-4pm, July 20stCreating an Infographic using Storyform practice and critique

Week 4Infographic Feedback – 1-4pm, July 27th
All participants present their infographic and get feedback from the large group

Week 510-min talk – 1-4pm, August 3thExample and critique of a 10-min talk with slides
Participants work on their talks and slides

Week 610-min talk Feedback – 1-4pm, August 10th (optional second session time to be determined by class participants, August 11th)
Participants give their talks and get feedback from the large group*

*There will be 2 feedback sessions in weeks 2 and 6.

Price of the course is $600/participant. Class is limited to 12 participants.
If you are interested in taking this course then go to https://storyformscience.com/2022summercourse and fill-in the request form.

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