DataChat: Guided English Language© Ai and ML data analysis

By | June 21, 2022

A new spin-off company from the University of Wisconsin-Madison proposes a new interface for data analysis based on Guided English Language© (GEL) to command Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods via “utterances” i.e. English-like phrases easier to write than code whether R, python, SQL, or other traditional tools.

The web site is at

The April 18, 2022 Blog details the story of DataChat creation:

There is also a YouTube channel with currently 5 introduction videos on the DataChat University channel:

  • Workflow Basics (3:15)
  • Machine Learning Basics (5:44)
  • Plotting Basics (5:20)
  • Key Concepts (4:41)
  • Cleaning Basics (3:04)

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