Tool Could Detect ChatGPT-Generated Work

By | February 14, 2023

There are concerns about classroom use of AI generated essays. See for example: “A Toolkit for Addressing AI Plagiarism in the Classroom” [Archived]. was created by education technology nonprofits and to assist teachers in determining whether writing was produced by humans or artificial intelligence, the organizations claimed in a news release.

Another tool says that “Humans Deserve the Truth” and also offers to check if a text was generated by human(s) or AI.

Yet another was already prepared for the previous version of GPT:

My test so far is very inconclusive, and it seems probably that at some point it will not be possible to distinguish AI or human-generated text in a lot of cases.

Interestingly Quill has another web page that helps to paraphrase text:… In fact the paragraph above about is paraphrased from the first paragraph of this article: Artificial Intelligence – New Free Tool for Teachers Can Detect ChatGPT-Generated Student Work, Nonprofit Creators Say, By Kristal Kuykendall 01/31/23 [Archived].

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