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By | December 26, 2023

This is a short version of Do yourself a favor: learn Markdown – Episode 7: BibTeX for online articles

Summary: Generate BibTeX from URL for web pages, blogs, articles online, etc.

In a previous article (Sgro (2022)) I presented how to add bibliographical information within an Rmarkdown document (Allaire et al. (2023)) with the BibTex format in order to include books, but mostly published articles with a PubMed entry.

This short post is to provide a tool to ease the creation of a BibTex entry for online articles, blogs, etc. using the free tool. “Generate BibTeX from URL” (Dzialowski (2023)) that I have just used for the dplyr posts (Sgro (2023a) and Sgro (2023b).)

Here is a simple example: creating a BibTeX entry for the Faculty page of the Biochemistry Department:

1. Go to the web site:
2. Enter the web address in the text box.
3. Press the “Get BibTeX” button.

The results will appear below in the BibTeX format that can be copied.

author = {},
title = {{D}{N}{A}.today \– {G}enomics of the 21-st {C}entury —},
howpublished = {\url{}},
year = {},
note = {[Accessed 26-12-2023]},

We can now make some minor adjustments by hand now that the information is in the correct format. I typically do the following:

  1. Edit the title (within to @misc{}) as it is derived from the TITLE entry of the web page.
  2. Fill-in author and year often left blank.

The edited is done on the complete entry which has been pasted as text into a local file which I usually call online.bib.

To use the reference within the Rmarkdown text we add @ before the title.


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