Eightify: AI to crate YouTube video summaries

By | January 2, 2024
  • Automatically summarizes YouTube videos in text format
  • Useful to rapidly grasp the main ideas without having to view the complete video

This is available as a plug-in for Chrome or Safari. It is free for videos that are less than 30 min.

The plug-in is available at eightify.app

Eightify is a cutting-edge program made to assist users in condensing the main points of lengthy YouTube films. It’s now simpler to swiftly create summaries of YouTube videos using Eightify AI by Chat GPT. With the use of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence system, Eightify gives users a condensed version of YouTube videos that emphasizes the essential concepts and arguments. This artificial intelligence solution guarantees that consumers receive the maximum enjoyment out of viewing videos while also saving time.

More here: whatsthebigdata.com/tool/eightify-ai/ and many other articles… and it seems that there has been previous attempts as described in this article: theresanaiforthat.com/youtube-summaries

In fact, the tasks Tab from that web site theresanaiforthat.com is providing lists of AI systems for the chosen tasks. Summarizing videos is just one of them!

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