AI and AI loop

See Here is a nice cartoon that simplifies the problem…the “loop” is complete! There are cool cartoons but need license… hence not posted here… Just go to link above.

Amazing 3D tricks perspectives

This YouTube channel: @SonhoscomDimensao is just amazing and full of examples! Perfect optical illusions that fool the eyes. There are many many more fun other ones to watch! The video below shows many in one movie.

6 charts that changed the world

This BBC presentation made in partnership with the (British) Royal Society provides insights on 6 History-changing scientific illustrations, from the XIX to the XXIrst centuries. First Pie Chart by Scottish political economist William Playfair Surgeon John Snow map pointing out the Cholera infection in SoHo, London, 1854 Florence Nightingale created the “Coxcomb” uneven pie… Read More »

Amazing animation: 150 years of Nature papers

Each study in science forms a network that connects earlier and later papers. Researchers have examined Nature’s portion of that network. The video examines their findings while being guided through 150 years of interrelated, multidisciplinary study of Nature publications. This is very insightful. (But, personally, at first the piano is OK, but I could have… Read More »

AI tools to save time – ChatGPT et al.

Here are some AI Tools lists gathers along by reading posts on LinkedIn. From: Zain Kahn © @heykahn Try these Al tools to save 100+ hours every month: (LinkedIn Post) Presentations -> Writing Assistant -> Email Assistant -> Image Creation -> Meeting Notes – Be a Sketch artist with Scribble… Read More »

Whisper into ChatGPT

Open AI ( Playground is a place to experiment new features. It is still in “Beta” and offers previews of what might be coming in ChatGPT, as detailed in the following YouTube video demonstrating: Voice recognition and transcribing text (while editing hums…) Use the recognized text as prompt (into ChatGPT directly) Transcribe and summarize an… Read More »

Tool Could Detect ChatGPT-Generated Work

There are concerns about classroom use of AI generated essays. See for example: “A Toolkit for Addressing AI Plagiarism in the Classroom” [Archived]. was created by education technology nonprofits and to assist teachers in determining whether writing was produced by humans or artificial intelligence, the organizations claimed in a news release. Another… Read More »